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Information kiosks to receive documents to be created in Kyrgyzstan

Information kiosks to receive documents will be created in Kyrgyzstan, the head of the State Registration Service Dastan Dogoyev said today at a press conference.

According to him, «Kyrgyz Pochtasy» State Enterprise was transferred to the State Registration Service to simplify the receipt of public services. Booths will be created in all rural administrations to provide services for registration of marriage, birth, death, paternity, issuance of ID cards and civil passports, and assignment of PIN.

«Information kiosks are mini-centers for serving the population.» Operators will receive application forms for receiving documents. 427 sets of equipment will be purchased for grant assistance to Japan at $ 5.6 million," Dastan Dogoyev said.

He added that 170 kiosks had already been installed within a week, testing of equipment began. In October they will start working in the whole republic.