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Laws of Kyrgyzstan don’t work for foreign investors

Deputy Ziyadin Zhamaldinov is sure that Kyrgyzstan's laws don’t work for foreign investors. He stated this today at the session of the Parliament.

As an example, the parliamentarian cited the situation with the Kadamjai antimony plant. In 2005, it was bought by foreign investors, but they don’t comply with the terms of the contract. This year, the plant hasn’t produced a single kilogram of antimony. In addition, the company has huge debts. It owes 25 million soms to the Social Fund, 35 million soms — to the Tax Service and for electricity. But in March 2017 they received permission to process minerals.

«The permission was signed by the Prime Minister. I wonder why the permission was given to an enterprise that has such huge debts. And at the same time, a person who has some debts even can not receive a certificate in the rural administration. It turns out that our laws do not work for foreign investors. We have Fund for State Property Management. It must review the terms of the contract. If a person owes 200–300 soms, the electricity is switched off already. And here they owe 35 million soms, they haven’t paid since 2005  and the energy holding has never raised this issue. I spoke about this last time and gave instructions, but nothing was done. It is necessary to revise the agreement and to refuse the services of such investors. Now in Kyrgyzstan we are busy with creating conditions for the work of such unscrupulous foreign figures," Ziyadin Zhamaldinov outraged.