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Speeding, entering oncoming line-main causes of traffic accidents in Kyrgyzstan

Road traffic accidents in Kyrgyzstan are most often caused by speeding and entering an oncoming lane. Interior Minister Ulan Israilov announced today at a meeting in the government.

According to him, in the three months of 2017, there were 1,169 traffic accidents in Kyrgyzstan. They killed 148 people and 1, 886 people were injured. At least 204 road traffic accidents involved children, in which 8 of them were killed and 221 — injured.

«We can put things in order on the roads by installing photo and video recording. The pilot project has already shown results. In addition, it is necessary to toughen the responsibility of drivers and monitor the quality of training in driving schools. After all, a large number of accidents happen with the participation of drivers whose experience does not exceed one year," said Ulan Israilov.