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Offenders assigned to public works in Bishkek

Mayor of Bishkek, in particular Sverdlovsk district jointly with the District Court, began involving offenders in public works. The press service of the Mayor’s Office reported.

«Already five our citizens who broke the law in a company of police officers will clean up the selected area. Violators will remove rubbish, clear the area of snow. Temporary workers will be provided with all necessary equipment," statement said.

One can be assigned to public works for 23 offenses.

This is, in particular, disorderly conduct, illegal throwing and burning of garbage, damage or unauthorized felling of trees and bushes, dereliction of duty on the upbringing and education of a minor, as well as driving a vehicle in a state of intoxication, and others.

Sverdlovsk district administration believes such punishment is effective for the prevention of offenses and would allow an offender to realize the responsibility to the state and society.