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Cynical people - Akylbek Japarov about those saying about authoritarian power

«We are building an authoritative state based on the rule of law, respect for the rights of citizens and ensuring their well-being,» Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan, Akylbek Japarov, said speaking at a meeting of the Academic Council of the Osh State University.

According to him, pursuing a policy aimed at strengthening the state, establishing discipline and order, one often has to face allegations about the establishment of authoritarian power.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers called it a routine accusation of some commentators, usually lazy people with underdeveloped imagination.

They do not want to analyze. They do not want to judge by the facts. They have a ready-made stamp and a quick verdict. They are deeply cynical people who have long been stale inside!

Akylbek Japarov

According to him, «they cannot believe that people in power can be guided by high ideals, be true patriots, true sons of their people who love their republic.»

«If by authoritarian states we mean the examples of successful Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as, of course, Great China, which under the leadership of the Communist Party has accomplished the economic miracle of bringing 1.5 billion people out of poverty into true prosperity, then all these states deserve the most sincere admiration. These examples demonstrate that strong and disciplined countries with a high level of national harmony can contribute to a significant acceleration of economic growth factors,» he said.

The government in Kyrgyzstan was elected in free and fair elections.

Akylbek Japarov

«It is very important to rely on a strong mandate of public trust, which confirms the approval of the political course. The Kyrgyz Republic has emerged as a democratic state with a dynamic civil society and the traditional values of freedom of speech and the right to participate in public governance inherent to our people,» he emphasized.

The official assured that the authorities would continue to defend and protect Kyrgyzstan’s democracy from irresponsible persons who do not want to recognize and respect its basic principles, covering themselves with slogans of alleged democracy, seek to destabilize society, as well as question the results of fair elections and the legitimacy of the authorities to make decisions.

«I would like to put forward the concept of designating the state we are building as an authoritative state. We strive to build exactly the kind of state that will be strong, but fair and respectful of the rights of every citizen,» he said.

According to Akylbek Japarov, an authoritative state is based on the rule of law, protects the rights of citizens and ensures stability and security.