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Candidates accuse authorities of creating conditions for revolution

Authorities should admit that there was falsification and dismiss members and head of the Central Election Commission (CEC). Ata Meken candidate Klara Sooronkulova made this statement today at a rally in front of the CEC building in Bishkek.

She noted that the law requires continuity in the manual counting of ballots.

«The principle of continuity was not observed. Observers were sent home, they came the next day and could not get the protocols again. This raises a lot of doubts. There was no transparency in the recount. The attempts of authorities cause even more doubts: one day the system malfunctions, another day CEC gives some other explanations. None of them can admit that it was a simple forgery, falsification and manipulation of the data,» Klara Sooronkulova added.

According to her, if the CEC doesn’t cancel the elections results and doesn’t hold new ones, it will create a revolutionary situation.

«You know that rallies of supporters of candidates nominated in single-mandate constituencies are held in the regions. I don’t want a revolution. But if it happens again, Kyrgyzstan will not manage to rise on its feet. CEC and authorities through their illegal and criminal actions are creating conditions for another revolution,» the politician concluded.

Elections of deputies of the seventh convocation of the Parliament have been held in Kyrgyzstan. According to preliminary data from the Central Election Commission, six parties get into the Parliament. Winners in single-seat constituencies were also announced. The votes are being counted manually.