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Elections 2021: Voter turnout reaches 9.17 percent as of 12.00

At least 9.17 percent of voters cast their votes in the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan as of 12.00. The Central Election Commission provided such data.

In total, 339,785 people cast their votes in the single electoral district. At the same time, residents of the south of the country vote most actively.

At least 329,965 people voted in single-mandate constituencies, which is 9.12 percent of the voters.

Deputies of the seventh convocation of Parliament are elected in Kyrgyzstan today. The electoral system was changed in the country, so there will be 90 deputies instead of 120. As a result, 54 deputies of the Parliament will be elected according to the proportional system (open lists of candidates of political parties) in the single electoral district, 36 deputies — according to the majority system in single-mandate constituencies.