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Expert tells about effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines available in Kyrgyzstan

Aida Zurdinova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor, Evidence-Based Medicine Specialist, told at a briefing about effectiveness and safety of vaccines against COVID-19 available in Kyrgyzstan.

She noted that there are two vaccines recommended by WHO in Kyrgyzstan — Sinopharm and AstraZeneca. They were received as humanitarian aid.

«The effectiveness of AstraZeneca vaccine is 70.4 percent. There have been many publications about such a side effect as development of thrombosis. After analyzing the messages, clinical guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of such complications have been developed,» she said.

According to Aida Zurdinova, the effectiveness of Sinopharm vaccine is about 76 percent.

The third vaccine, Sputnik V, has not yet been recommended by WHO. Its effectiveness is estimated at 91.6 percent.

«The vaccine was registered in Russia immediately after the second phase of the trials, and the third phase was carried out in parallel with the immunization campaign. There are no data on adverse reactions, which causes great debate and controversy in the medical community of Russia itself,» she said.