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Problems with irrigation in Sokuluk district: Farmers threaten with rallies

Fields in Sokuluk district of Kyrgyzstan are in a critical situation. Agricultural producers told 24.kg news agency.

According to Hasan Isaev, farmers are forced to gather at At-Bashi canal in Dzhany-Dzher rural area.

«Only 1.5 cubic meters of water were provided for 4 villages, although there should have been 8 cubic meters. Water circulation method is used, they gave water to villages in turns for 5 days, but people complain that the promised volume of water is still not provided. We are without water for a week. They said that the water had run out and there would be no more,» he said.

«We want to ask the country’s government to reduce the volume of water going to Kazakhstan for at least 15 days to water the corn for the second time. Cabbage also dries up. If we don’t water it within 10 days, then, like carrots, cabbage will cost 100 soms. The situation is very critical,» Hasan Isaev added.

According to local residents, if water is not provided after the meeting today, they will have to hold protests in front of the building of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Despite the second watering, some of the corn crops have already dried out.

More than 100 residents of Dzhany-Dzher, Kamyshanovka, Nizhnechui villages and Karl Marx rural area came to the Government House at the beginning of June to draw the attention of officials to the problem. However, the situation has only worsened since then.