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Sadyr Japarov congratulates Kyrgyzstanis on National Flag Day

President Sadyr Japarov congratulated Kyrgyzstanis on the National Flag Day.

He noted that the state flag symbolizes the independence and freedom of the country, reflects the spiritual values ​​and historical path of the Kyrgyz people.

«From time immemorial, our people, united under the red flag, strove for freedom and sought to build an independent state. Therefore, our flag is an indisputable proof of formation and glorification of the Kyrgyz statehood,» he said.

Sadyr Japarov noted that respect for the flag is growing. «It has become a symbol of patriotism for every citizen of Kyrgyzstan, especially young people, forming a civic position and love for the homeland,» he added.

The President added that continuing the traditions of their ancestors, the Kyrgyz people need to unite under one flag in the name of the future of the country.

«May the red color of our flag, a symbol of courage not fade, may the rays of the sun not fade, symbolizing the prosperity and unity of forty ancient tribes, and may the tunduk not fall as a symbol of the father’s house and the world as a universe. Let the red flag always flutter, reflecting the great goal of the people, their past and future, passed down by our ancestors!» he said.