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Sadyr Japarov comments on new structure of Government

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov commented on formation of the new Government on his Facebook page.

Уважаемые кыргызстанцы! Мы совершили революцию для того, чтобы улучшить нашу страну, усовершенствовать систему...

Опубликовано Садыром Жапаровым Вторник, 2 февраля 2021 г.

According to him, the revolution was made in order to improve the country, improve the system of public administration, stop theft from the state treasury, and optimize redundant government agencies.

The head of state urged not to say «I made the revolution, therefore I must take this position for life, it cannot be abolished.»

Sadyr Japarov calls for refusing labeling — Akayev’s, Bakiev’s, Atambaev’s or Jeenbekov’s. «If we continue this way, we will not be able to find competent specialists in our country. We’ll have to look for personnel from another planet,» he explained.

«Thirdly, I would like to answer those who criticize this or that candidate for the ministerial position, saying that he was hostile to Sadyr Japarov and contributed to his arrest: it is not the time now to be at enmity or become related. Forget what happened before, for the sake of the people, for the sake of the future state. Let’s be patient. The Almighty is on the side of the patient,» the president wrote.

If the new appointees continue to steal out of their old habit, they will be immediately arrested.

Sadyr Japarov

«There are 48 ministries, committees, agencies and other departments now. It has become a tradition for 30 years: if someone does not get a position, then a ministry is immediately created. They spend billions from the state treasury not bringing any benefit to the people. There are only 12 ministries left. At least 2 billion will be saved on the energy system alone. Twelve ministries are also a lot for small Kyrgyzstan. But so far we have done so. We work according to the principle » measure twice, cut once." Let’s not ignore the interests of 6.5 million people for the sake of the interests of one revolutionary," he said.

The parliamentary majority coalition supported Ulukbek Maripov’s candidacy for the post of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.