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Sadyr Japarov promises no dictatorship in Kyrgyzstan

«The people of Kyrgyzstan will not allow dictatorship,» the Acting President, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov said at a press conference, answering a question from 24.kg news agency that it was planned to concentrate all power in the hands of the president in the new Basic Law.

He said that a commission has already been created to amend the Constitution.

«Experts are already preparing a new draft of the Constitution. After they prepare the draft Constitution, it will be submitted to Parliament. Then the Parliament will decide how and what to change. I can note that the constitutional reform is a demand of the people,» Sadyr Japarov said.

According to him, the commission will take into account the opinion of the public and politicians.

«As far as I know, it is proposed to introduce a norm of 35 mandates for a single-mandate constituency and 55 mandates on a party list. There will be 90 deputies in total. At my suggestion, the Parliament will discuss the amendment to the Constitution live. Everything will be open for the people,» he said.

Sadyr Japarov assured that the powers of the president would not be strengthened.

«There is no need to be afraid that dictatorship will come. Our people will not allow dictatorship. I have no such thoughts. We know that there have been two revolutions against the dictatorship in our country,» he added.