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Detainee sews his mouth shut and attempts to commit suicide in Bishkek

A detainee who was placed in a temporary detention facility of the Central Internal Affair Department of Bishkek sewed his mouth shut and cut his hands. Lawyer of the detainee Samat Matstakov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the man was accused of involvement in organized crime.

«He sewed his mouth shut and cut both hands in protest. My client is accused of extortion of 20,000 soms from a citizen of Turkey, allegedly, to help the crime boss Kamchi Kolbaev. However, he categorically denies that he is a member of an organized crime group. He sewed his mouth shut with a wire and cut his hands. The accused insists on pre-trial proceedings on this incident,» Samat Matstakov said.

He added that his client reported physical and psychological pressure on him.

«He notes that he has never seen and does not know Kamchi Kolbaev. Previously, he worked at a Chinese plant for the production of heating systems, and before that he worked in Russia,» the lawyer told.