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Bishkek daily guarded by up to 1,000 people’s guards

The people’s guards will continue to go on patrol in Bishkek. They will patrol the city until the situation is completely stabilized. Head of the Union of People’s Guards Daniyar Terbishaliev told 24.kg news agency.

«The night before, we distributed 500 people among 15 roadblocks. The same number of people’s guards are in reserve. We are on duty in three shifts: in the afternoon, in the evening and during the curfew. We work jointly with the police and the military. All our actions are coordinated, since people’s guards are civilians. We have no authority to arrest offenders, check citizens’ documents or inspect vehicles. This is the task of law enforcement officers. I want to note that the interaction between us and the security forces is good,» Daniyar Terbishaliev told.

He also noted that in addition to patrolling, people’s guards are engaged in the delivery of hot meals for the security forces on duty at the city roadblocks.

Curfew on the territory of Bishkek during the state of emergency is in effect from 22.00 to 5.00.