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Toguz-Bulak village in Kyrgyzstan quarantined due to anthrax outbreak

Quarantine has been introduced in Toguz-Bulak village, Kara-Suu district of Osh region of Kyrgyzstan, where cases of anthrax infection were registered. Administration of the village informed 24.kg news agency.

Earlier, eight people were hospitalized with suspected anthrax. As of today, nine people are being treated.

According to the officials, Toguz-Bulak will be quarantined until August 25. Residents are prohibited from bringing and taking any kind of livestock out of the village, as well as from slaughtering it.

Epidemiological investigation found out that nine people participated in slaughtering and cutting the carcass of the animal. The meat was distributed among residents of Taldyk, Toguz-Bulak, Kyzyl-Bairak and Besh-Moinok villages. A total of 285 contact persons were identified. They take antibiotics and are under medical supervision.

All cattle in the village have been vaccinated.