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Two residents of At-Bashi district diagnosed with anthrax

Anthrax has been confirmed in two residents of At-Bashi district of Naryn region. The First Deputy Head of the district administration, Maksat Kadyrkulov, confirmed the information to 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the infected were taken to the city hospital of Naryn and isolated. Quarantine has been announced in Kara-Tal village.

It is known that a sick cow was slaughtered on September 2 at Koendu-Kolot pasture in Ak-Sai valley. Then it was taken to Kara-Tal village, where it was butchered and meat was sold to neighbors.

«On September 11, a sore appeared on the hand of one of the men who slaughtered the cow. He went to the hospital, the results of the analysis revealed anthrax. After that, tests were taken from the place of slaughter, from other livestock breeders and families who bought the meat. The diagnosis was confirmed in another man who butchered the meat,» the official said.

According to him, 68 people are currently under home control, they have no signs of illness. All the remaining meat was confiscated. The territory of the pasture was cordoned off.