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Kyrgyzstan to increase pensions from October 1

Pensions will be increased in Kyrgyzstan from October 1. The Social Fund of the republic has submitted the draft government resolutions on the indexation of the basic and insurance parts of the pension for public discussion.

Officials propose to increase the basic part by 100 soms, if the total pension size is lower than the pensioner’s subsistence minimum for the previous year (4,286.7 soms). According to the Social Fund, 261,800 (38 percent) pensioners get such a pension in the country.

The insurance part will be increased by at least 200 soms for those who receive a pension of up to 4,286.7 soms, and by at least 360 soms, if its size exceeds this amount.

«According to the results of the upcoming indexation of the basic and insurance parts, the average size of the general pension will be 6,061 soms that is higher than the size of the pension at the time of the increase by 7 percent, or 397 soms,» the document says.

According to preliminary calculations of the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic, the number of pensioners as of October 1, 2020 will be 689,000 people.