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Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan donates protective equipment to hospitals

Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan has repeatedly donated personal protective equipment and oxygen concentrators for $ 44,000 this week.

At least 1,120 sets of PPE for doctors and 10 oxygen concentrators with a volume of 10 liters with 2,000 cannulas have been handed over to the Infectious Diseases Department of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

«The funds were allocated from the resources of the emergency fund created by the Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan to combat the epidemic in the republic. Earlier, on July 15, the organization has donated 261 sets of PPE for hospital doctors for treatment of patients with COVID-19 for $ 4,500,» the foundation said.

In addition, Soros — Kyrgyzstan plans to provide support to regional hospitals through provision of medicines and medical products.

Previously, the organization has already provided assistance to the country’s doctors.