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Director of Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan tells about interrogation

Interrogation of the Director of Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan Shamil Ibragimov is connected with the purchase of building by the organization. The director himself told reporters about it when he left the building of the State Committee for National Security.

According to Shamil Ibragimov, anonymous videos denigrating the foundation appear on the Internet. The security services decided to respond to one of them.

«One of the videos says that Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan illegally acquired its building 23 years ago. I hope we have clarified the situation. There were no complaints for all the time of work, and the sale and purchase transaction was legal. No one came to us with the statement that all the buildings that are owned by the municipality should be returned to the state. I believe that this ruling applies more to those who illegally acquired buildings. After 2012, various state structures, such as the prosecutor’s office and the Tax Service, still occupy the buildings of kindergartens and there are no complaints against them,» the Director of Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan said.