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Kazakhstan lifts restrictions on entry of vehicles, long queues formed

Long queues of freight vehicles have been observed since May 14 at Ak-Tilek checkpoint. One of the carriers told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, this is due to the fact that the Kazakh side lifted restrictions on the movement of motor vehicles throughout the country, in particular, removed roadblocks at entrances to large cities, allowing freight carriers to freely transport goods in both directions.

«That is why queues of trucks at Karasu checkpoint, both from the Kyrgyz and Kazakhstan sides, grew sharply at the approaches to the border crossing point. But the vehicles are checked quickly and passed,» he said.

Previously, Kyrgyzstan applied to the World Trade Organization because of difficulties in passage of Kyrgyz trucks through the border of Kazakhstan. Since March 2019, significant delays in the movement of transit goods coming from Kyrgyzstan have been registered in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. They are caused by tightened checks by the Kazakhstan’s authorities.