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Dastan TNC case: Albek Ibraimov paid reward of $ 150,000

Criminal proceedings against the former mayors Kubanychbek Kulmatov and Albek Ibraimov continue in the Leninsky District Court of Bishkek. The proceedings are chaired by the judge Kubanychbek Kasymbekov.

Testimony of the defendant — former general director of Dastan Engineering LLC Asylkul Sasybaeva — was heard today. According to her, when the funds from Dastan TNC were transferred to the account of Dastan Engineering, the chairman of the board Sergey Shumov instructed her to hand over $ 250,000 to Albek Ibraimov.

«He said that $ 150,000 was a reward, and they need other $ 100,000 because of some problems with cash. We withdrew the money on April 23, 2012. I came to the office to Ibraimov, he was alone. I said him: «Here is the money from Shumov.» He showed me the table to put the bag. I followed his instructions,» said Asylkul Sasybaeva.

The defendant noted that she did not take any receipts from Albek Ibraimov.

She added that 30 percent of $ 150,000 was his profit as a shareholder of Dastan TNC. According to investigators, she should not have handed the money over personally to the former chairman of the TNC, but to transfer to the company’s account.

The presiding judge asked why the reward was paid to Albek Ibraimov.

«They did not say anything about this, they are two leaders, only they know the reason,» she said.

According to the investigation, in January 2012, the chairman of the board of Dastan TNC OJSC Albek Ibraimov and the general director of Dastan Engineering LLC Asylkul Sasybaeva signed a contract for the supply of special products at a knowingly high price. As a result, the state suffered damage in a particularly large amount.

Fourteen defendants, including Kubanychbek Kulmatov and Albek Ibraimov, are charged with corruption within the criminal case against former mayors of the capital. According to the investigation, ex-officials deliberately allowed unreasonable overestimation of the volume of construction work and materials for a total of 12,160,641 soms. Albek Ibraimov is also accused of embezzlement of funds of Dastan TNC and corruption in the provision of municipal land plots for use by individuals and legal entities. None of them pleaded guilty. Kubanychbek Kulmatov called this case fabricated.