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Bishkek signs declaration to end AIDS epidemic

The Bishkek City Administration signed the Paris Declaration calling to put an end to the AIDS epidemic through the implementation of a number of commitments.

The metropolitan municipality intends to eradicate the stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV.

Deputy Minister of Health Erkin Checheybaev told that currently there were 1,500 HIV-infected people in the city, most of whom are women.

«Kyrgyzstan takes certain steps to reduce the spread of HIV, mortality from this disease, stigma and discrimination. In 2019, at least $ 870,000 was allocated for the implementation of the government’s program to end HIV infection in the country. About 40 percent of first-line drugs for the treatment of HIV are bought at the expense of the money,» he said.

Erkin Checheybaev added that Bishkek was the first city in Central Asia that signed the Paris Declaration.