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Protest in support of labor migrants held in Bishkek

A protest in support of migrants is taking place in Bishkek.

According to the organizer of the event, the Chairman of Zamandash party Zhenish Moldokmatov, as a result of the protest, it is planned to propose deputies to adopt a draft law on compulsory life insurance for migrants.

«About 20 percent of the working-age population left the country to work. Most of them are young people, half of them have no higher or special education. Of course, the question is: what kind of future can we talk about? Migration is a tragedy, because many families are collapsing, more than 270 of our children were left without care, there are a lot of crimes against children of migrants. There is a problem with transportation of cargo 200 to the homeland,» said Zhenish Moldokmatov.

He added that Uzbekistan has resolved the issue of transportation of bodies to the homeland, but the Kyrgyz government did not.

«Uzbekistan fully assumes the costs of cargo 200 transportation. Kyrgyzstan pays only compensation in the amount of 50,000 soms. The law on compulsory life insurance for migrants will resolve the issue. We have collected 40,000 signatures and handed them to the deputies,» the Chairman of Zamandash party said.

He stressed that migrants are invited to insure their lives and pay 100 soms per year.