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Kyrgyzstan develops samples of new generation driver's licenses

The State Registration Service of Kyrgyzstan has developed technical specifications, sketches and schematic drawings of driver’s licenses and special forms for registration of vehicles and drivers of a new generation. Press service of the government reported.

The day before, the Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev held a meeting on the introduction of new types of driver’s licenses and special forms for registration of vehicles and drivers. New driver’s licenses will meet the international requirements for identification of a driver.

The new model with an improved design and numerous protective elements will be presented in near future.

Driver’s licenses will be made of high-strength plastic, which is difficult to forge. This is the fourth generation of driving licenses in Kyrgyzstan. The planned period of their validity is 10 years. In addition, the introduction of new certificates of registration of vehicles in the form of plastic cards is also expected.

«The current driver’s licenses will be valid until the expiration date and will be replaced on a voluntary basis. The personification of driver’s licenses and special forms will be transferred from a private company to a state institution. Due to this, the price will decrease by 40-50 percent. The Prime Minister instructed to speed up preparations for the issue of the new-generation driver’s license and pay special attention to the creation of conditions convenient for citizens,» the Cabinet stressed.