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Inflow of investments to Kyrgyzstan decreases by one third

The inflow of foreign direct investment in January-September 2018 decreased by 31.5 percent compared to the same period of 2017. The National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan presented such data.

According to it, the inflow of investments reached $ 344.9 million. But at the same time, the inflow exceeded the outflow level by $ 16.8 million. In the structure of foreign direct investment, in contrast to nine months of last year, there was a decrease in the volume of all components, with the exception of contributions to equity capital and trade loans.

The main part of foreign direct investment (about 84 percent) was directed to mining enterprises, processing enterprises, geological exploration, financial intermediation and insurance, as well as information and communication.

The volume of investments in the sphere of information and communications increased 2.9 times, in mining companies — 1.5 times.

At the same time, the contribution to the manufacturing enterprises decreased 3.6 times, to geological exploration — by 35.1 percent, to the sphere of financial intermediation and insurance — by 1.8 percent.

The volume of foreign direct investment from non-CIS countries compared with January-September 2017 decreased 1.6 times mainly due to their decline from Canada (25.2 times), China (1.8 times) and the UK (6 percent).

The PRC accounts for the largest share in the total volume of direct foreign investments received (35.7 percent), the Netherlands — 11.4 percent, the United Kingdom — 7.5 percent, Turkey — 7 percent and Switzerland — 5 percent.