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Another criminal case on beating of soldiers in Koi-Tash military unit opened

Criminal case on beating of conscripts of military unit 73809, located in Koi-Tash, reached court. The trial was postponed to November 24, Aziza Abdirasulova, head of Kylym Shamy human rights center, informed 24.kg news agency.

According to her, another criminal case against a medical assistant was opened. The woman saw the commanders mocking the servicemen, but did not report it. She was charged with not providing the first aid and complicity. «But for some reason, when the case was sent to Alamedinsky District Court, the victims transformed into witnesses, and the investigation itself was conducted without participation of their lawyers,» said Aziza Abdirasulova.

The lawyers were not even informed about the interrogations. Representatives of our center, who provide legal support, were also not informed. This is a violation of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Aziza Abdirasulova

Soldiers complained to human rights defenders about bullying. They said that they were taken to a village, were forced to clean manure, repair someone’s car, clean irrigation ditches.