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Kyrgyzstan to toughen submission of income declaration

The Ministry of Economy submitted a bill aimed at creating legal norms that would allow proving the nature of crime in the unlawful enrichment of officials and their relatives.

State and municipal employees, to hide the facts of illegal enrichment and evade taxes, register their close and distant relatives and, sometimes, even front men as owners of their homes, cars and a business. The information in the declarations does not coincide with the actual data.

«If we begin to publish information on the incomes and property of certain state and municipal employees, and law enforcement agencies will participate in checking the incomes, expenses and property of the declarants, this will raise the effectiveness of the system of declaring property, income and expenses. In order to strengthen the fight against corruption, the media will publish information about the officials and their relatives, who do not submit a declaration or indicate in the declaration not complete information on incomes, expenditures,» background statement says.