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One more Kyrgyzstani falls out of window in Moscow

The day before, an employee of the Kyrgyz Embassy in the Russian Federation visited a Kyrgyzstani Taichibai kyzy Guliza, who fell out of the window on June 1. The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan reported.

It is noted that the 17-year-old native of Kara-Kuldzha district Taichibai kyzy Guliza fell out of the fourth-storey window of a house. She was taken to Sklifosovsky Emergency Research Institute. According to the attending physician, she has a fracture of the sacrum and right calcaneus.

The operation will cost the patient about 800,000 rubles, at least 500,000 rubles are needed for metal structures to fix the bones during the surgery. She does not have compulsory medical insurance certificate, therefore it is impossible to conduct an operation free of charge.

The victim’s state of health is satisfactory. Relatives will decide whether they will treat her in Russia or bring her to Kyrgyzstan.

This is not the first such case. On January 1, a Kyrgyz citizen fell out of the fifth-storey window when she adjusted the hook on the curtain. People collected money for operation for her.