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Constitutional Chamber to consider inviolability of ex-president

The Constitutional Chamber on June 1, 2018 accepted the petition of the lawyer Nurbek Toktakunov to recognize absolute immunity of the ex-president unconstitutional. He told this on Facebook.

«The absolute inviolability of the ex-president in accordance with the Law On Guarantees of the President’s Activities contradicts the constitutional principle of equality of all before the law. The Constitutional Chamber should consider the petition and make a decision within 5 months,» he wrote.

The lawyer assumes that the consideration of the issue will be postponed for the longest period permitted by law — six months.

«By that time, the deputies may lift the inviolability of the ex-president by changing the law. I would recommend the Parliament not to haste with the bill, but to participate in the judicial process, having stated its vision of the issue. Moreover, this could be done not only by the legal service of the Parliament, but also by each of the parliamentary factions. The parties involved in the process are the incumbent president and undoubtedly the former president, Almazbek Atambayev,» he wrote.

The deputies of the Parliament have supported the offer of their colleague, Iskhak Masaliev, on working out a law on deprivation of the ex-presidents of the country of their inviolability. The initiative was submitted for public discussion.