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Mailuu-Suu needs measuring devices and equipment for hospital

The Deputy of the European Parliament Michele Rivasi told reporters what Kyrgyzstan could do to reduce the radiation threat in Mailuu-Suu.

According to her, the simplest is the information work. People should be aware of the danger, posed by the areas, where radioactive materials are stored. In addition, it is important to have the territory of tailing dumps and mountain dumps fenced. Now, for example, many residents of Mailuu-Suu and nearby villages graze livestock in the territory of the former uranium mines.

There are devices that help to measure the level of radiation. They can be purchased to find dangerous areas. There are also more expensive measures. If the foci of radiation are detected, you need to eliminate them, remove the sources of contamination.

Michele Rivasi

«As for informing, it is important that local people and civil society to be involved in the process and have access to information,» Michele Rivasi said.

In addition, she told that she discussed with the government of Kyrgyzstan and IAEA representatives the issue of equipping the hospital in Mailuu-Suu. It is a special equipment which measures the influence of radiation on the health of the population. The representatives of the IAEA promised to consider this issue.