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Mailuu-Suu Electric Bulb Plant plans to produce glass containers

Mailuu-Suu Electric Bulb Plant is working on the re-profiling of production to manufacture new products. The State Property Management Agency of Kyrgyzstan reported.

According to its data, the enterprise plans to master the production of glass containers. It is also planned to expand the production of LED lamps, build a small hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 26.4 megawatts on Mailuu-Suu river; open mini garment workshops; master the production of mineral glass wool for insulation of walls, floors.

«One of the main plans of the plant is to master the production of glass bottles and jars. At this stage, preparations for equipment installation are underway, and work on construction of an additional building is beginning. Moreover, the machine line for glass container production will be purchased from glass technology supplier Heye International (Germany). At least 50 new jobs will be created,» the statement says.

The first finished products are planned to be manufactured at the end of this year.

Mailuu-Suu Electric Bulb Plant JSC began its work in 1966. It currently produces 40 types of incandescent electric lamps. The annual financial turnover of the plant is about $11 million. More than 1,300 people are provided with jobs. Products are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.