USD 79.50
EUR 92.55
RUB 1.01

Dollar falls in price by 30 tyiyn over weekend

After a month of growth, dollar becomes cheaper for the second week in a row in Kyrgyzstan. Over the weekend, it fell in price by more than 30 tyiyn.

Today, the capital’s exchange offices and commercial banks buy dollar for 68.6–68.8 som, and sell — for 69.2–69.4 som. In the weekend, the price of US dollar dropped to 68.9–69 som. The nominal rate is set at 69, 4813 som (drop of 0.14 percent).

Along with fall in the cost of the American currency, Russian ruble rate has grown a little. Over the week, it rose in price by 10–20 tyiyn. Today, the ruble is bought for 1,135 — 1.15 som and sold- for 1.17–1.2 som. Nominal rate is 1, 1603 som (growth — by 0.35 percent).