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Doctors sound alarm: teenagers of Kyrgyzstan become “pharmacy” drug addicts

Doctors of Kyrgyzstan sound alarm. The percentage of so-called «pharmacy drug addicts» among teenagers is increasing. This was announced today at a press conference.

According to the doctor-expert in narcology Melis Isakov, there are no exact data on exactly how many minors suffer from such dependence. There are 20 people on the register.

«But this is only a small part. How much really addicted — unknown. The most dangerous thing is that medications containing psychoactive substances, for example, cough syrups or sedatives — the same Corvalol, are available. And on the Internet you can look at all the drug preparation schemes," Melis Isakov said.

Representative of the Ministry of Health Bermet Baryktabasova added that with this phenomenon it is necessary to fight and restrict access of teenagers to such drugs. In particular, to dispense such medicines only on prescription, if the buyer is underage.