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Almost 112 billion soms to be spent on salaries, pensions from budget in 2023

Social sector spending is estimated at 162.8 billion soms in 2023. The Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan reported.

The ministry recalled that the salary of social workers has been increased on April 1, and salary of public sector employees (state and municipal employees, employees who are not civil servants) — on August 1. Additional need for financing of these payments is more than 30 billion soms.

In addition, the size of some social payments has been increased since June 1, and pensions have been increased since October 1. All these expenses require approximately 39 billion soms.

In the approved republican budget for 2022, the wage fund, excluding funds on special accounts, amounted to 61.4 billion soms. At least 111.9 billion soms are allocated for these purposes in the draft republican budget for 2023. The increase is 50.5 billion soms.

It is planned to allocate 41.3 billion soms for deductions to the Social Fund in 2023, which is 14.7 billion soms more than this year. Transfers to the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund will increase by 6.3 billion soms — up to 21.9 billion soms.

About 17.5 billion soms will be allocated for social payments. This is 3.7 billion soms more than in 2022.