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Kyrgyzstan plans to introduce new electricity tariffs in early October

According to plans, the medium-term tariff policy will be introduced at the beginning of October 2021. The Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic Tilek Aitaliev announced at a press conference today.

According to him, the document has been discussed since spring. It was amended, and the medium-term tariff policy is being discussed at the Presidential Executive Office and the Office of the Cabinet of Ministers.

«If the document comes into force in early October, then there will be new electricity, hot water and heating bills at the end of the month — in early November,» Tilek Aitaliev said.

Manufacturers opposed adoption of the current medium-term tariff policy. They noted that the state set too high tariffs for them. As a result, many factories can go bankrupt. At the same time, the industrial sector consumes only 10 percent of electricity. The main consumer is considered to be the population and the tariffs remain at the same level for them.