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Book by Kyrgyz poet Rahim Karim published in India

World Literature publishing house of India published in English a book of poems by the Kyrgyz poet Rahim Karim in the series «Intercontinental Poetry» in collaboration with the outstanding Indian poet Jernail Singh Anand under the title «The Wrong Tenant». Oleg Bondarenko, head of the Association of Book Publishers and Book Distributors, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the foreword to the poems by the two writers was written by the famous poet, author of children’s books from Greece, Eva Petropoulou-Lianou, and the Nobel Prize nominee, academician, Professor, Ph.D., essayist from Sydney (Australia) Bajram Redzepagic.

The book includes 25 poems by the Osh writer on various topics.

«To be honest, I was very happy to write a foreword for the very fascinating poet Karimov, who was born in 1960 in Osh, a city in Kyrgyzstan, during the then Soviet Union. He was educated at the Maxim Gorky Institute in Moscow. He wrote more than 40 collections of poems, many of them have been translated into other languages, including Russian, English, Indian. He is one of the greatest Uzbek Soviet, today’s Russian writers. He is also one of the world’s greatest contemporary writers. Eight months ago I wrote a critical essay on his beautiful poetry.

His main theme is love, friendship, peace, war. Rahim Karim is the international ambassador for peace. His poetry life is very impressive, with a strong voice to fight for peace, against war.

There is magic in his poems with picturesque scenes and a volcanic shock of emotions. He is a member of the Union of Writers of Kyrgyzstan, Russian writers and other international associations.

He has received many domestic and international awards such as Moldo Niyaz, international awards of India and other countries. He received European awards in Brussels and Kosovo. He is the ambassador of the World’s Children movement in Central Asia,» Bajram Redzepagic wrote.