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Municipal transport monitoring and control system launched in Bishkek

A video surveillance system and GPS navigators linked to validators have been installed in all municipal buses in Bishkek. A dispatch center will operate at the premises of the bus depot, where it will be possible to track the work of each bus.

The platform will help to continuously monitor the volume of passenger traffic, cash receipts, interval, number of Tulpar cards used in real time, as well as eradicate the facts of violations among drivers: fuel dumping, divergence from the route, violation of the interval and etc.

«The system was created by Gramori Project on the initiative of the Bishkek Passenger Motor Transport Enterprise. Its purpose is to monitor and analyze the activities of municipal transport. To date, it is installed in all municipal buses. In the future, we plan to equip trolleybuses,» Alexander Iriskulov, Director of Gramori Project, said.

There were cases when drivers dumped gasoline, left the route, the money collected from passengers were not fully given to the cashier.

Alexander Iriskulov

According to him, during the month of the system’s operation, the developers revealed a number of violations by bus drivers and increased budget revenues. «The application displays a map. Buses are indicated as icons. They contain information about the driver, route and number plate. Dispatchers, by clicking on these icons, determine in real time who is going where,» Alexander Iriskulov told.

The head of the City Transport Department, Satybaldy Khakimov, noted that there was no control over drivers in the municipal transport industry before. «Therefore, we did not know how they work, how much money they collect. And now, with the help of this system, we see how they work, whether they comply with the interval, ethics, sanitary standards. In addition, the system helps to prevent petty hooliganism in the form of pickpocketing in the passenger compartment of public transport,» the head of the City Transport Department Satybaldy Khakimov told.

He stressed that the city did not spend a single som on the project to digitize transport services, all expenses were covered by Gramori Project in cooperation with BPC KG organization, which is implementing Tulpar electronic ticketing project in public municipal transport.

The Vice Mayor of Bishkek Azizbek Alymkulov set the task for the project developers to insert the system into a mobile application so that citizens can track the movements of municipal transport. He also gave the order to install video surveillance cameras at stopping points.