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Kyrgyzstan introduces status of compatriot with foreign citizenship

President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov signed the law on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Kyrgyz Republic on the Legal Status of Compatriots with Foreign Citizenship. Press service of the head of state reported.

The law was adopted by the Parliament of the country on June 11, 2020. It is aimed at providing foreign citizens who previously had Kyrgyzstan’s citizenship with special rights and privileges.

The law introduces the concept of «status of a compatriot with foreign citizenship». It is in force indefinitely.

The status can also be assigned to the children or grandchildren of a foreign citizen who previously had Kyrgyz citizenship, or a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, regardless of their initial belonging to the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic; foreign citizens born in the Kirghiz SSR, as well as their children and grandchildren.

The status of a compatriot with foreign citizenship cannot be assigned to citizens of the states bordering on Kyrgyzstan.

A new chapter is introduced into the law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Kyrgyz Republic, which provides for the rights of compatriots with foreign citizenship, the procedure for assigning this status, grounds for refusing to obtain this status, issues of termination and deprivation of the status of compatriots with foreign citizenship.

In this case, the procedure for assigning, extending, termination and depriving of the status of a compatriot with foreign citizenship, a sample of the relevant document and the procedure for its issuance will be determined by the Government.

Additions are being made, according to which compatriots with foreign citizenship are not required to obtain a visa to enter Kyrgyzstan.

In addition, this category of citizens is not required to obtain a residence permit for the period of validity of this status, as well as a permit to work in Kyrgyzstan. Equal rights are established with the Kyrgyzstanis in paying for study at educational organizations, regardless of ownership and departmental affiliation, paid medical services provided by healthcare organizations.

«If heir to agricultural land is a foreign citizen who has received the status of a compatriot with foreign citizenship, he or she is obliged to alienate it to a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic within ten years from the moment the right to a land plot arises,» the document says.

The law comes into force on the day of its official publication.