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Attacks on websites - threat to information security of Kyrgyzstan

Deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Dastan Bekeshev said to 24.kg news agency that there was no reaction to cyber attacks because of the lack of information security specialists.

According to him, law enforcement agencies — the State Committee for National Security and the Ministry of Internal Affairs — lack competence and desire to deal with this issue, although it is very serious.

«Constant attacks on our websites are a threat to information security in general. It is rehearsal before the elections. Imagine, you will report violations and you will be disconnected from the air, figuratively speaking, in order you can not say anything else. This is one option. The second is that they can hack the CEC website. We do not have an information audit, and there is no one to conduct it. I intended to find out whether there were at least some specialists, but this information is secret and, as I was told, is not subject to publicity, and when they say so, it means there are no specialists,» Dastan Bekeshev believes.

He added that he sent an order to the parliamentary committee on law and order to consider the issue of information security.

Earlier, the deputy demanded from law enforcement authorities to register in the Single Register of Crimes and Misconduct a DDoS attack on Kyrgyzstan’s media resources, which published articles about the cost of jewelry, wardrobe items and accessories of the wife of the ex-deputy head of the Customs Service Raiymbek Matraimov. 24.kg news agency website was also attacked.