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Kyrgyzstan simplifies registration of vehicles, issue of driver's licenses

Registration of vehicles and issue of driver’s licenses procedures have been facilitated in Kyrgyzstan. The Information Support Department of the Government Office reported.

The decision was signed by the Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev. The rules of state registration, re-registration of vehicles, installations and equipment, as well as property rights to them, have been amended to exclude issue of an inspection sticker for a vehicle to legal entities.

In addition, at the request of a vehicle owner, a «co-owner» is registered in the electronic database. A special mark is made in the vehicle registration certificate. The procedure for registration of vehicles for foreign citizens is simplified.

Each vehicle, installation and equipment is assigned a unique identification number, all the necessary data about them is entered into an electronic database.

 «All registration actions are carried out linked to a personal identification number for an individual, tax identification number — for a legal entity. The rules for qualification exams, issue driver’s licenses and licenses of a tractor driver / machine operator have also been amended. In case of loss, the practice of issue of a temporary coupon for the right to drive a vehicle is excluded, the validity of a medical certificate has been extended to one year,» the message says.

The procedure for passing a theoretical exam is excluded for foreign citizens in case of exchange of a driver’s license of a foreign country. Only a practical driving test is taken. A certificate of training is no longer provided if information is available in the electronic database. All registration actions are carried out linked to a personal identification number of an individual.