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Kyrgyzstan to celebrate Kurman Ait on August 11

The Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan decided on the date of the celebration of Kurman Ait.

According to the SDMK, Kurman Ait will be celebrated on August 11 in Kyrgyzstan.

Kurman Ait is one of the holy holidays of the Muslims, which unites people and allows them to realize themselves as a single entity. The holiday symbolizes fidelity to duty, wisdom, tolerance, willingness to sacrifice in the name of high ideals.

On this day, people are aimed at spiritual purification, kindness, mercy and forgiveness. They strive not only in one impulse to offer a prayer to the Almighty, but also to give love to their neighbor, to feed the poor, to help those in need, and through this, faith in justice and hope for a brighter future grow in everyone’s heart.