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Health Ministry conducts medical examination of population of remote villages

The Ministry of Health conducts free medical examinations of the population of remote and hard-to-reach villages in Kyrgyzstan. Press center of the ministry reported.

The medical examinations are reportedly carried out on the basis of medical-diagnostic complexes and a mobile medical center. They are equipped with all the necessary.

«Medical teams of tertiary health care organizations, such as the National Hospital, the National Center for Maternity and Childhood Welfare, the Human Reproduction Center, the National Center of Cardiology and Therapy, the National Center of Oncology and Hematology, the Republican Diagnostics Center, the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis, will conduct preventive examinations in the summer-autumn period in all regions,» the Ministry of Health reported.

Residents of remote villages of the country will be able to receive consultations from specialists: an ophthalmologist, an otolaryngologist, an endocrinologist, a cardiologist, a pediatrician, a gynecologist, a neuropathologist, a mammologist, a urologist, undergo ultrasound diagnostics and rapid testing for HIV / AIDS. In addition, points for vaccination and measurement of anthropometric indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels and others will be organized.

Travel schedules of the mobile clinics can be specified at family medicine centers.