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Kyrgyzstan proposes to simplify registration of migrants in Russia

Kyrgyzstan proposes to simplify the procedure of registration of migrants in Russia. The Head of the Migration Policy Department of the State Migration Service Mairambek Beishenov told at a press conference.

According to him, the situation of migrants from the Kyrgyz Republic after joining the Eurasian Economic Union has improved, but registration issues remain.

«The procedure is a bit complicated. People need to register at the place of actual residence. But citizens of the Russian Federation do not always officially rent apartments, and therefore do not register tenants. There is an acute question of the legality of migrants. If a migrant is found at a different address during some measures, he or she will face a fine. This issue is discussed during meetings at different levels,» Mairambek Beishenov said.

Kyrgyzstan proposes to switch to a simplified system.

«We believe that it is necessary to give an opportunity to a migrant to decide on the place of residence, and then he or she will inform of an address,» the head of the department said.

He added that such a system was practiced in Kazakhstan. «We are currently studying the experience, perhaps we will strive for making changes to the agreement on EEU regarding registration procedures for citizens of the union,» Mairambek Beishenov stressed.

The Chairman of the State Migration Service Bolotbek Ibraimzhanov outlined that the majority of migrants from the Kyrgyz Republic were in Russia. According to 2018 data, there are more than 650,000 people.