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Kyrgyzstan - leader in positive emotions ranking

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were included in the list of 20 countries of the world, whose inhabitants experience the least amount of negative emotions. This is stated in Gallup’s Global Emotions 2018 report. Fergana reported.

In 2017, researchers interviewed citizens of 147 countries around the world on two blocks of questions, one of which concerned positive and the other — negative emotions. The first block includes such questions as «Did you feel rested yesterday?» and «Did you laugh yesterday?» The second block consisted of questions, like «Did you experience physical pain yesterday?» and «Did you feel sad yesterday?» Based on the results, a numerical index was calculated, which was generalized throughout the country.

The rankings of positive and negative experiences were compiled independently. There are four of them: 15 countries with the lowest number of negative emotions, 12 countries with the highest number of negative emotions, 13 countries with the least number of positive emotions, 12 countries with the largest number of positive emotions.

Kyrgyzstan shared the first place with Taiwan with the smallest number of negative experiences. Both countries scored only 16 points.

Kazakhstan takes the second place with 17 points, the third — Estonia with 18 points, the fourth — Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, which scored 19 points. They are followed by Russia, Poland and Mongolia with 20 points.

  • Researches of Global Emotions 2018 report believe that low level of negative emotions of the population does not always mean that everything is objectively ok in a country. The emotional state is influenced by cultural traditions and local etiquette — not everywhere citizens are ready to openly answer questions about their mood.

The most negative emotions are experienced in the Central African Republic. The country scored 61 points. Iraq takes the second place with 59 points, the third — Southern Sudan with 55 points. The list also includes Chad, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Iran, Niger, Palestine, Liberia, Madagascar and Uganda.

The Afghans, who scored 48 points, have least of all positive experiences.

Yemen takes 2nd place with 49 points, the third — Tunisia with 50 points. The fourth place is occupied by Turkey, which scored 53 points. Ethiopia and Nepal with 54 points share the 5th place.

A country, where people experience most of all positive emotions, is Paraguay.

The positive experiences there reach 85 points. The second place is shared by Colombia, Salvador and Guatemala with 82 points. Uzbekistan took the third place with 81 points along with Panama, Indonesia, Iceland, Honduras, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Canada.

The average level of positive experiences in the world this year made up 69 points. Nothing has changed since 2006, when the study was first conducted. But the global level of negative emotions over the past years has grown significantly. In 2006, it was 24 points, later it was constantly growing and reached 30 points by 2018.