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Border checkpoint planned to be opened in Talas region

It is planned to open a border checkpoint for the passage of persons, goods and transport across the state border of Kyrgyzstan in Talas region of Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Economy submitted a draft government decree for public discussion.

This is done for the social and economic development of the region and ensuring the unhindered passage of equipment and components through the state border.

«To implement investment projects in Talas region, associated with the extraction of minerals, the delivery of outsized equipment is required. However, there are no railway stations in the region where cargo loading and unloading is permitted. The transportation by road is difficult because of the size of the cargoes and the need to cross Too-Ashuu and Otmok passes,» background statement says.

The checkpoint is planned to be opened on the territory of Amanbayev rural area of Kara-Buura district.