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First large data center opens in Kyrgyzstan

The first large data center was opened in Kyrgyzstan today. The new facility is the first commercial data processing center. NSP company was engaged in the project. The Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund has financed the construction of the center.

The data center area is 500 square meters. This allows to place up to 80 server racks. The total electrical capacity of the facility as of today is 300 kilowatts. In the future, it is planned to increase it to 500 kilowatts. Two independent inputs and a diesel generator supply it with electricity. Technologies and equipment of the French company Schneider Electric were used in construction of the center.

The data center will work around the clock and provide services for hosting server and network equipment (colocation).

Optical communication lines run to the data center via two independent channels. A special team of certified engineers with extensive experience is servicing the facility.

The first agreement between NSP and Ishenim credit bureau was signed on the day of its opening. Now all credit history of the bureau will be stored in this data center.

«The idea of ​​building the data center appeared two years ago. A lot of time was spent on the project design, selection of a site, preparation of the documents. We have built this data center from scratch. Fortunately, the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund has responded to our proposal,» NSP director Ermek Niyazov told.