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Prime Minister informed on situation with passports of Kyrgyzstanis

«Citizens shouldn’t stand in queues in the service centers of the population, and passports must be issued on time and without delay,» Prime Minister Sapar Isakov said at a meeting with the head of the State Registration Service Dastan Dogoyev. This was reported by the information policy department of the government.

«There is a certain criticism from the citizens in your address. People complain about big queues, excessive red taping, delay in the production and receipt of passports. The current situation needs to be changed quickly. Citizens should be able to quickly pass the necessary documents and in a timely manner get a new passport,» the head of government said.

The chairman of the State Registration Service reported that in recent years the flow of citizens applying to the Public Service Center has increased three-fold. This created an additional burden on the existing infrastructure, and employees are forced to work in two shifts.

The area of ​​the Population Service Center located on Valikhanov Street in Bishkek is only 600 square meters, and it serves about two thousand citizens daily.

Dastan Dogoyev agreed with the criticism of the work of the Population Service Center, adding that the existing problems had already been resolved.

«The campaign for the free replacement of ID cards with biometric passports continues. To create the most comfortable conditions for citizens who apply to our service, the opening of one more Center for Population Services in Bishkek is planned. It will create all conditions for citizens, including the availability of free Wi-Fi, a waiting room, a children’s playroom, a mother and child room. Since September 18, the service «delivery of the passport to the house» is being introduced,» the chairman of the SRS informed.

According to him, at present, issue of passports to citizens who have passed the necessary documents is carried out ahead of schedule for six days.