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Omurbek Babanov files 2 more complaints against journalists

The CEC received two more complaints against journalists from the authorized representative of the presidential candidate Omurbek Babanov.

Erik Iriskulbekov complained about the editorial offices of Argument.kg and Gezitter.org. The first published, and the second — reprinted an article about bribery (giving bribes) of the members of the National Commission on the State Language under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and members of the expert commission on assessing the level of the state language knowledge.

The second complaint was filed against Chagylgan.kg. In the article, Omurbek Babanov was actually accused that his election company is funded by an organization that in some countries, for example, in Turkey, is recognized as a terrorist organization.

Erik Iriskulbekov demands to bring the editorial office to justice and to remove the publications from the news feeds.

Omurbek Bababnov’s headquarters are still leading in terms of the number of complaints against journalists filed to CEC.