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Tekebayev’s state language test. Speaker, PM asked for help

The presidential candidate Omurbek Tekebayev asks the Speaker of the Parliament, the faction leaders and the Prime Minister to sort out the situation.

«I submitted through the representative all the necessary documents to the Central Election Commission in the established order and terms. The Central Election Commission scheduled the day for passing the state language test. However, it has not yet provided the opportunity to take the test. All the efforts of my representative turned out to be futile: the CEC, evading its duties, sent my representatives to court, and the court sent them to CEC,» Omurbek Tekebayev complains.

He is confident that as a result of this political bureaucracy he will not be allowed to elections. «The decision of the Inter-District Court dated August 3 proves the intentional red taping by the CEC, which virtually and legally confirmed the fact of illegal evasion by the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums from performing its direct duties and dishonest shifting its competence to the district court. The goal of the whole red taping is the failure of my testing, the term of which ends on August 10,» the politician said.