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‘Death games.’ Schoolgirl from Maevka taken to psychiatric hospital

17-year-old schoolgirl from Maevka village, who played 'death games,' attempted to commit suicide cutting her veins. The information was confirmed by the head of the National Mental Health Center Uraimzhan Ismailov.

According to him, the girl was taken to the hospital in the night from Saturday to Sunday at 3.30 a.m. «She has been playing the game four days long and received some audio message from an administrator. She tried to cut the veins. Her boyfriend, seeing anxiety of the girl and cuts, sounded the alarm and she was taken to the hospital. The girl’s parents came there yesterday," Uraimzhan Ismailov said.

The head of the hospital said that the teenager was sorry for what she had done. «She is still in the hospital. This is the first time when doctors have officially confirmed the connection between the suicide attempt and the game," the head of the Mental Health Center added.

Some game with hashtags #morekitov (sea of whales), # quiet house, # f58, and # d28, # want to play, # wake me up at 4.20 is spread in social networks in Kyrgyzstan. Previously, it has been spread among teenagers in Russia. Some of them, allegedly, committed suicide after the game.

The Interior Ministry said that the death of teenagers was not associated with the game, but with difficult life circumstances. Note, three minors have committed suicide in Kyrgyzstan since January 31.